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Six toxic behaviors every pastor needs to know about.

Learn how you can recognize the signs of division before they happen and discover how you can unite your team to carry out the work God has called you to do.

The book cover for Chris Sonksen's book, Saving Your Church From Itself

About the book

Division in the church is real and it's the cause of faith-shattering, relationship-ruining heartbreak. When the enemy takes a run at your church, he won’t do it through those who attend it; he will do it through those who lead it.

As a coach and mentor to hundred of pastors, I've had a front row seat to the unfortunate outcomes when a team member begins to drift. In this book, I unpack six subtle behaviors that can tear teams apart.

These include:

  • Pride
  • Artificial Harmony
  • Isolation
  • Critical Spirit
  • Division
  • Gradual Shutdown

Unity amongst a church and team doesn't happen by accident, and it isn't maintained without careful attention and proactive strategies. My hope is that this book can give you the insights and tools to help save your church from itself.

Know how to stop division before it starts


Recognize the Signs

Learn what the signs of LeaderDrift look like and how you can spot them early.


Address the Behavior

Discover a blueprint to use when you see evidence of LeaderDrift creeping onto your team.

What Other Leaders Say About the Book

I have known my good friend Chris Sonksen for many years and am always informed by his keen insights, strategic solutions and most of all his heart for the Church. Saving Your Church from Itself is no exception. It will clarify, produce insights, offer pragmatic solutions all the while giving huge doses of encouragement.

A profile photo of Sam Chand
Sam Chand
CEO & Founder Sam Chand Leadership

Chris Sonksen has invented a word that needs no explanation: LeaderDrift! You know what it means when you hear it. But you’ll learn about how to prevent your own LeaderDrift and how to save your church from itself, by reading this book.”

A profile photo of William Vanderbloemen
William Vanderbloemen
Founder and CEO
Vanderbloemen Search Group

There may be no more timely word than this one for the leadership of the local church of Jesus Christ in
a Post-Pandemic world! Chris has once again stepped into the unspoken that exists on the leadership level of a local church. As a leader who has lived what he writes about, I can attest first hand that… WE NEED THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!

A profile photo of Matt Keller and his wife Sarah.
Matt Keller
Founding and Lead Pastor
Next Level Church

If you apply the principles throughout these pages, you will position yourself and your team to be in a place of greater health, which will create greater outcomes. I strongly recommend you read this book and let it serve as a potential guide that may save your church and your leadership from itself.

A profile photo of Mark Cole
Mark Cole
The John Maxwell Co.

Chris Sonksen claims, “When the enemy takes a run at your church, he won’t do it through those who attend it, he will do it through those who lead it.” He’s right. And in his latest book, Saving Your Church from Itself, he offers an honest, vulnerable, and practical guide to both identifying and overcoming the subtle and dangerous shifts in attitude, behavior, and character that turn the work of God into Satan’s playground. Whether you are the directional leader or a part of a time, you’ll find this book to be helpful to both your soul and your ministry.

A profile photo of Larry Osborne
Larry Osborne
Pastor and Author
North Coast Church

Chris Sonksen delivers wise and practical insights in his new book, Saving Your Church From Itself. It will help you identify and guard your church from the subtle drifts that can take place in the attitude and behaviors of individuals that threaten unity, passion, and vision. I know Chris well, and his heart is for church leaders. The content in this book comes from years of experience and passion for the church. It’s a refreshingly candid look at how to strengthen your
church before it’s too late.

A profile photo of Dan Reiland
Dan Reiland
Executive Pastor
12Stone Church

Leading a church doesn't have to be so hard


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About Chris

Chris Sonksen is the author of When Your Church Feels Stuck, Quit Church, and Indispensable Church. His personal experience comes from his own success in pioneering South Hills Church, a multicampus church that has been widely recognized for its unprecedented growth and strategic approaches to doing ministry. He is also the founder of Church BOOM, an organization that has provided personal coaching to hundreds of churches and impacted thousands of leaders. Chris and his wife, Laura, have two children and live in Southern California.  

“God himself said that if the people are united and speaking the same language, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them."

Chris Sonksen

CEO & Founder | Church Boom

A smiling profile photo of Chris Sonksen